Godzilla (2014): Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen Character Details Become Known

From Comic Book News

Godzilla character details become known from a newly surfaced video coming out of this past summer's Comic-Con with Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston.

Elizabeth Olsen lets it be known that her character in Godzilla is named Elle Brody and is wife to Aaron Taylor-Johnson's character; that they have a child together and she is a nurse. Olsen also offers details about the direction of the movie.

"This Godzilla brings it back to the route of the original reason why the Japanese made this film," Olsens said. "It's about attempting to control nature and it's not ultimately working out in the end. There is an awesome grittiness to this film and a nice reality and a nice storyline to hold on to, as well as amazing special effects."

Bryan Cranston also talks about the new Godzilla, offering it's a different take than past versions and will pay off for the movie goer as it's very relatable.

"We think that you will be able to wipe the memory of the old Godzilla 12 years ago, or whenever that was, right completely out of your system. This Godzilla is completely different. It is very much a character driven monster movie. If that makes sense; to combine those types of filmmaking together," Cranston offered. "I say 'why not? It's long over due.' Instead of just having a monster, if you invest in these characters, if you feel for them and care for them, you are going to appreciate them and have a better experience when the monster arrives than if you are 'it's a person I don't know who it is. He just got crushed. Oh, okay, whatever,' and that's what this Godzilla 2014 does."




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