The 9 Most Shameless 'Alien' Ripoffs

A distress signal from deep space. A blue-collar crew of astronauts discover a derelict space craft. A star beast of unknown origin chases them through dark pipe-lined corridors until there's only a few (if one) left. After the blockbuster success of Ridley Scott's sci-fi tinged haunted house movie "Alien" busted some blocks in 1979, it was only a matter of time before the low-budget copycats followed suit.

Not only were many of these knockoff movies kinda cool, but they turned out to be a proving ground of ideas and talent for future entries in the "Alien" franchise, including "Aliens," "Alien 3" and "Prometheus" … for realsimo. The first "Alien" was in itself a shameless "homage" to classic B-movies "Planet of the Vampires" and "It! The Terror from Beyond Space," so it's only fair that flicks like this week's Vin Diesel monster mash "Riddick" should take a page or seven from its playbook.

1. 'Inseminoid' (1980)

How's that for a suggestive title? Rather than beat around the bush of the whole impregnation aspect of "Alien," the producers of this sleazy British gore flick met the sexual connotations of the facehugger head-on. It's reproductive horror at its "best" as a crew lands on a desolate planet to survey the ruins of an ancient civilization, only to have one of their own named Sandy (Judy Geeson) brutally violated by some perverted sex beast. Freshly knocked up and millions of miles from a Planned Parenthood, Sandy begins an accelerated pregnancy that turns her into a homicidal blood-drinking zombie. Things don't get better when her ghastly twins are born. As they say in the Snickers commercials, "There's a hunger inside me, there's a hunger inside you!"


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