Who Did James Bond Look Like According To Ian Fleming?

by Armand Vaquer

Above, Ian Fleming.
Ever since Sean Connery became super-secret agent James Bond 007 of Her Majesty's Secret Service in 1962, and through the ensuing years of Roger Moore to Daniel Craig, people have wondered how author Ian Fleming envisioned what Bond looked like.

According to Wikipedia, Fleming envisioned that Bond should resemble American singer/songwriter Hoagy Carmichael and...himself.

Their source?

One source was the novel, Casino Royale in which Vesper Lynd is quoted, "Bond reminds me rather of Hoagy Carmichael, but there is something cold and ruthless."

The second source was in the novel, Moonraker where Special Branch officer Gala Brand thought that Bond was "certainly good-looking ... Rather like Hoagy Carmichael in a way. That black hair falling down over the right eyebrow.  Much the same bones.  But there was something a bit cruel in the mouth, and the eyes were cold."

Baby-boomers and later generations probably have no idea what Hoagy Carmichael looked like. So, not to keep anyone in suspense, here is what Carmichael looked like:

Above, Hoagy Carmichael.
Some present-day fans feel that actor Daniel Day Lewis (Lincoln) resembles Carmichael and would be an ideal James Bond.

Can you picture James Bond looking somewhat like Hoagy Carmichael? Yes, when a facial scar is added (in the Fleming books, Bond has a facial scar down his right cheek).

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