‘Monster bar’ attracting customers

From The Japan News

Gaping mouths, gigantic horns, piercing slanted eyes—with more than 100 scary yet approachable “monsters” on the counter and shelves, customers cheerfully chat about monsters at a bar in Nakano, Tokyo.

Takao Nakano opened the Dai-kaiju Saron (big monster bar) in 2011 in a shopping arcade near JR Nakano Station, with the aim of turning it into a place similar to a mom-and-pop candy store, where children would get together.

Nakano, 51, who also works as a film director, opens the cafe-bar on Wednesdays and the second Saturday of each month, renting the space from an acquaintance on those days.

Mucho the hostess monster welcomes customers to the bar. Monster costumes and figures in the bar were made by Nakano’s friend, Piko-Piko, 45, a self-claimed “monster artist.”



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