Rosario Dawson Returns For Clerks III

From Cinema Blend

One of the stranger aspects about sequels is remembering plot points from the original. Some movies are kind enough to have some non-intrusive refresher. Others just take it for granted that you have a razor-sharp memory, and either you’ve recently re-watched the original, or it remains an active memory in your mind, no matter how mundane.

Which is why when we sit you down to tell you that Rosario Dawson was in Clerks II, you rustle in your memory to recall that there was a Clerks II and that it was completely inessential, but Rosario Dawson was totally in it. Now you remember the sober-and-healthy Jason Mewes, you remember the pasty-faced Jeff Anderson, the donkey show… hey, you remember a lot of this movie, don’t you? And just in time for a Clerks III too. Wait, how did that one end? How is there another Clerks?

Speaking to Den of Geek’s U.S. affiliate, Dawson revealed that Kevin Smith has confirmed that she’s in the planned third Clerks, though she knows nothing else, particularly regarding a shooting date. Dawson played Becky in the second film, the love interest of put-upon Dante (Brian O’Halloran), nonetheless way out of his league. Almost everything that Dawson does doesn’t deserve her: it’s not certain how such a talented leading lady has been stuck in such forgettable roles, seducing roly-polys like O’Halloran and Kevin James in the intolerable The Zookeeper.


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