Back Issue Comic Books Added To The Online Store - July 23, 2014

Iron Man (1968 1st Series) #119, February 1979 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade G/VG

Iron Man is engaged in a standoff with a rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named Buck Richlen aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Richlen orders Iron Man to take his own life or else he will kill Nick Fury, whose body lies at Richlen's feet. Iron Man uses one of his power pods to generate a concentrated electromagnetic charge which blows up a ceiling projector in the conference room. While Richlen is temporarily distracted by the blast, Iron Man rushes forward and knocks Richlen back with a solid punch.

Suddenly, the room explodes in a hail of bullets originating from outside the Helicarrier. It only takes him seconds to realize that the Helicarrier has drifted into Soviet air space and that the gunfire is coming from a squadron of Russian M-21 fighter jets. As Nick Fury begins to awaken, Iron Man flies outside to intercept the jets. Fury calls down to the engine room and angrily inquires as to why they are above the Soviet Union...

Flash (1959 1st Series DC) #162 - June 1966 Issue - DC Comics - Grade G

Amusement park owner Walt Dempsey makes a final inspection of his new park in Central City. While riding through the Tunnel of Terror, Dempsey is transformed into a bird-like Ornitho-Man. In bird form Dempsey begins destroying the park, prompting Flash to intervene. After a fierce battle, Flash defeats Dempsey using bright lights, changing him back to normal. Flash investigates the source of trouble in the Tunnel of Terrors. However, he is overcome by a sudden paralyzing fear that prevents him from entering. Iris West decides to enter the tunnel and photograph the scene. Light from her camera, releases the Flash from his paralysis. He then rescues Iris when the monsters in the tunnel begin attacking her....

Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) #211, December 1980 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade VF

Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, angrily tears open a U. S. Navy diving sphere beneath the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of New York City, annoyed that his realm has been invaded. But he does not want the two divers in the sphere to drown, so he hauls them out of the water, files on winged feet to the shore, and deposits them, wet but unharmed, on a dock. He will not be so merciful a second time, he thinks. The divers watch Namor depart, knowing at last who is responsible for wrecking their underwater experimental power generators, and they will report this incident to the authorities. That night, Peter Parker, who has an eight o'clock exam the next morning, finds it impossible to sleep. The neighbor in the apartment next to his is practicing country singing. The quality of his voice is appalling, and Peter bangs on the wall and tells him it is three o'clock in the morning. Fortunately, the neighbor stops, but Peter still cannot got to sleep. He rummages around and finds a fresh Spider-Man costume, and then he web-swings out of the apartment to take his mind off his problems for a while....

Avengers (1963 1st Series) #102, August 1972 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade Fine

Answering the summons of an anonymous letter, the Vision travels to a frozen food locker in a warehouse on the lower east side of Manhattan, there he is met by the Grim Reaper who offers him a proposition. If the Vision aids the Grim Reaper in getting revenge on the Avengers, he would transfer the Vision's mind into the body of Wonder Man (since Vision's brain patterns are based on that of the deceased hero, the Grim Reaper believes that Vision is his brother.) which he has been preserving since his death some time before (in Avengers #9, the Grim Reaper blames the Avengers for his brother's death.) Not giving into the Reaper's offer, the Vision refuses, however the Reaper gives him a medallion that would put them into direct contact should the Vision change his mind. The Vision then leaves to return to his comrades the Avengers. At Avengers Mansion, the Scarlet Witch prepares for monitor duty where she is once more confronted by Hawkeye who professes his love for her again and makes and advance that the Vision walks in on and walks away from before he can hear the Scarlet Witch rebuff Hawkeye's advances....

Uncanny X-Men (1963) 1st Series #175, November 1983 Issue - Marvel Comics - Grade VF/NM

The X-Men are chopping down a dying tree when suddenly a large firebird appears in the sky above them! And from out of the firebird falls a man - Cyclops! Rogue catches him, and Storm tells Nightcrawler to take him to the infirmary, but he belays that. Its too late for such action - Dark Phoenix has returned! Professor X summons them to the study.

Professor X is not convinced - he sensed Jean's death, but not her rebirth. He puts on Cerebro to look for traces of Jean, but Cerebro overloads, knocking him out and putting him on the brink of death! Nightcrawler teleports him to the infirmary while Kitty inspects Cerebro - to find that all the safety interlocks were disengaged and the settings reversed! Someone made Professor Xavier do that to himself! In the confusion, Phoenix slips out from within Cyclops, who collapses. The X-Men attack, but do so singly, and Phoenix defeats them all - all that is except Wolverine, who sees no point in attacking. Phoenix leaves to do some 'errands', promising to return to finish what she started...


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