Captain Marvel Highlights With Kelly Sue DeConnick

From Marvel Comics

The past month has been pretty great for Captain Marvel.

First, Marvel announced the release of CAPTAIN MARVEL #10, an over-sized issue celebrating Carol Danvers' 100th issue as a headlining solo hero. The issue, brought to life by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artists David Lopez and Marcio Takara, lands in stores this December.

In addition to his landmark event, "New York" magazine's The Cut recently hailed Captain Marvel's recent promotion and uniform change as one of the most feminist moments in all sci-fi history.

"She wasn't the first female Captain — the Pam Grier–inspired Monica Rambeau takes that title," wrote Devon Maloney. "But this time around, female comics fans didn't just rejoice; they rallied and birthed the Carol Corps, a feminist fandom community that has improved the atmosphere for lady-geeks at conventions, online, and beyond."

To further celebrate Captain Marvel, we asked writer Kelly Sue DeConnick for her favorite moments from her time with the character.

DeConnick's tenure as CAPTAIN MARVEL scribe officially kicked off with this #1 issue. The series starts with Carol already in her new uniform but still struggling with the decision to take on the Captain Marvel name. When asked about her favorite Cap moments, DeConnick cited the letter given to Carol by her mentor Helen Cobb.

"My favorite thing I’ve written for Carol is the letter from Helen in the 2012 issue #1." The letter's closing line — "…and we will be the stars we were always meant to be" – has become an inspiration to a whole new generation of Marvel fans.



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