Introducing a New Sci Fi Spider-Man in Edge of Spider-Verse

From Marvel Comics

Spider-Verse inches ever closer as every Spider-Man from every universe prepares for multiversal war against a common foe.

Marvel is proud to present EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #3, the next chapter is the blockbuster five-issue limited series showcasing a new creative team and new spider character each issue! Dustin Weaver pulls triple duty as he writes, draws and colors a brand new creation – Dr. Aaron Aikman: Spider-Man!

“Unlike Peter, he chose to be Spider-Man,” says Weaver of his new creation, in an interview with “He did it himself, to become a hero for his city. I guess that says a lot about the character of my Spider-Man. He’s got a big ego and being good at being Spider-Man is a point of pride. He doesn’t struggle with responsibility. He enjoys it. Other than his origin being different, he also has a completely different cast of supporting characters and villains.”



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