Feel the Rage of Ultron in an Exclusive First Look

From Marvel Comics

Together, Rick Remender, Jerome Opena, and Dean White have crafted epic tales featuring the likes of The Punisher, X-Force, and more. In April of 2015, the trio takes their collaboration to the next level with an adventure that impacts Earth’s Mightiest Heroes tremendously in a format befitting such grand designs with the AVENGERS: RAGE OF ULTRON ORIGINAL GRAPHIC NOVEL.

The exclusive first look below at Opena and White’s cover and interior pages offer just a hint of this climactic clash between the Avengers and perhaps their most unstoppable adversary.

“[The] cover holds a ton of secrets,” reveals Remender. “There are Avengers from two different eras, and the story takes place in both of those eras. The positioning of the characters holds a deeper meaning than anyone will be able to guess until they read the series as well. This is some of Jerome and Dean's best work and the story promises to be nothing short of Earth shattering for the Avengers.

“And Starfox. Don't forget Starfox.”

With the Avengers, Ultron, Thanos, the Eternals and more factoring in, you won’t want to miss AVENGERS: THE RAGE OF ULTRON, available April 2015!