An Exclusive Look at Venom's All-New Costume

Valerio Schiti talks about designing a revamped appearance for the Symbiote Soldier and shares his behind the scenes work!

From Marvel Comics

Today in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #23, the team’s journey to the “Planet of the Symbiotes” comes to an impactful conclusion that leaves more than a lasting impression on Flash Thompson, aka Venom. In addition to a new look that combines aspects of the character’s classic incarnation with the most recent, the Symbiote Soldier has a more defined place in the Marvel Universe based on revelations regarding his living costume and its legacy.

Read GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #23 for the full story on the all-new Venom, but we’ve got exclusive commentary and sketches from artist Valerio Schiti on coming up with the characters reinvigorated appearance! Why a new look for Venom? What brings it on?

Valerio Schiti: I suppose that the main reason for this change is the new readers—at least that’s what [GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY writer] Brian Bendis said! The new generations of readers have a totally different idea of Venom; most of them don’t even know that once he was a bad guy. In this moment nobody perceives him like a monster, everybody knows that he’s a hero, a good guy with a super cool costume that can do amazing things so why don’t we concentrate on them? Brian noticed that new way of thinking about the character and imagined this totally different version. And everybody knows that if there’s someone with a great intuition for what is cool, that man is Brian Michael Bendis.

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