Superman (1939 1st Series) #423 - September 1986 Issue - DC Comics

Superman (1939 1st Series) #423 - September 1986 Issue - DC Comics - Grade NM - Final Issue!

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1st printing.

This comic book is in new condition. Comic is complete with cover and all pages attached. This comic has flaws that warrant a NM grade.

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Written by Alan Moore. Art by Curt Swan. Inks by George PĂ©rez.

This is the first part of the imaginary story detailing the final fate of the pre-Crisis modern-day Superman. It is generally told as a flashback in the year 1997 by Lois Lane Elliot, who is retired from the Daily Planet and now a happy homemaker. The first part of the story goes as follows:

One day in 1987, Superman returned from space to find Metropolis had suffered major damage, which Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen said came from Bizarro. Superman enters a wrecked department store and confronts Bizarro, demanding an explanation for all the death and destruction. Bizarro explains his reasons to Superman: he had recently realized that all these years, he has not been a "perfect imperfect duplicate", and so he took the necessary steps to fix that. Realizing that Superman came from an alien world that was destroyed by a natural accident, Bizarro destroyed Bizarro World then attempted to destroy his own birth world starting with Metropolis. Then, realizing that Superman never kills anyone (even bad people), Bizarro went on a killing spree through the city, murdering several innocent men, women, and children. Finally, Bizarro states that since Superman must live, then he himself must die. He holds up a chunk of Blue Kryptonite and presses it against his chest, fatally exposing himself to its poisonous radiation. Bizarro bids a final cryptic farewell to his longtime rival, then quietly passes away from Kryptonite poisoning, leaving Superman, shocked, confused, and saddened over what has just happened.