Hayley Atwell Gears Up For the Marvel's Agent Carter Season Finale

The series' star looks back at the first season and forward to its dramatic finale!

From Marvel Comics

Hayley Atwell wraps up her first season of “Marvel’s Agent Carter” this Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. ET on ABC, bringing Peggy’s mission to clear Howard Stark’s name to a dramatic close!

After a season full of twists, turns, betrayals, and unlikely alliances, Atwell finally has the chance to look back at where Agent Carter’s story has taken her before next week’s big finale.

When she first took the role of Peggy Carter for Marvel’s “Captain America: The First Avenger,” the star never dreamed it would spawn not only a Marvel One-Shot but her very own series as well. Atwell took a moment to chat with Marvel.com ahead of Tuesday’s season finale, looking back at all she’s accomplished with the character so far as well as what awaits her in the future!

Marvel.com: Now that you’ve reached the end of the road for this first season, how different was the experience than what you were expecting? When you started filming did it end up being exactly what you expected?

Hayley Atwell: I don’t know when I learned [this, but] the lesson is trying to not actually expect anything because that takes you out of the moment and stops you from navigating your way through a journey as you find it. So without trying to sound all high and mighty, I felt that I actually came to it from scratch. I didn’t know what I was necessarily doing, other than what I had done before in the other movies. I set out [seeing] this as an opportunity to explore another side of Peggy.

The main thing that I wanted to explore was the vulnerability and the humor of Peggy, which I didn’t feel there was really any chance to explore in the other films. I wanted to make her three-dimensional and relatable. I wanted to see her flaws, her idiosyncrasies. I wanted to see her frustrated, I wanted to see her grieving, being lonely, and the kind of social awkwardness that she had with other women [who] she couldn’t really get close to them because of the job that she was in and the cost of losing Steve. Those were the kind of things that I set out to explore, and I think, having finished the first season, it makes me feel very proud that the writers took those things on board. They decided to collaborate with me and listen and pay attention to what I was capable of doing as an actor and what my skillset was and based the show around that, if that makes sense.


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