Harley vs. Harleywood in HARLEY QUINN #20!

From DC Comics

Have you been reading HARLEY QUINN? What do you imagine happens when you put a sociopath on a plane filled with superheroes headed for Hollywood? Disaster, right? More like EPIC disaster. Just wait till the plane lands! Will the industry survive Harley’s fifteen minutes of fame?

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And like Los Angeles didn’t have enough problems with DC Comics moving in, now Harley Quinn is determined to take over Tinseltown! But the real goal: track down Sparrow Adaro and bring her home to Brooklyn. Rumor is that a cult is holding her hostage and Harley's the Harley for Hire to bring her home.

A cult? In L.A.? Hostage situation? Ransom? Sounds like an overly complicated plot device. (Good thing Harley's not complicated.)

A Cowboy, a Goodbye Kitty, a pool party and a couple of Gotham City Siren Look-A-Likes later, and Harley's bagged her prize! Casualties? A Cowboy, a Goodbye Kitty, a pool party... well you understand. It's Harley.

But Harley wasn't the only gun for hire sent after Sparrow... looks like an old friend is in town for a reunion!

Is Harley vs. Harleywood turning into Harley vs. Deadshot in HARLEY QUINN #21? (We did promise you a stone-cold killer!!) Sound off in the comments below!

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