A Close Encounter Of The Erotic Kind - Roswell 70 Years Later

By now every one has heard the terrifying tales of Alien abductees who have either been taken from their home, or possibly from their car, by beings from another world who perform sometimes painful experiments on them against their will, only to be returned without any knowledge of the event.

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In the case of young Brazilian student Antonio Villas Boas, however, his abduction event would turn out to be like non other, and probably one any warm-blooded male would probably volunteer for if he had the chance.

Let me explain.

On a night in 1957 young Antonio was plowing his father's field, as he often did, when a egg-shaped UFO landed some fifteen feet in front of him. At that moment the tractor stalled, and four strange looking 'people' emerged from the craft. Terrified, he tried to flee to no avail, as the four beings quickly overtook him and dragged him back to the craft.

Once inside, the beings removed his clothes and took a blood sample.

After that Antonio's captors began to argue with one another, in a language he later described as sounding like 'barking', then mysteriously left the room. Moments later, to his astonishment, Boas was joined by what he says was a small, sexy, naked blond woman.

The woman made no sound, but Villa Boas felt an overwhelming urge to have intercourse with her, which he did.

After they had finished, the woman pointed at her stomach, then at the sky, which Villa Boas believed was her way of telling him that she was going to have their baby.

The woman left, and the other beings returned and allowed the young man to dress. After being satisfied that Villa Boas and the female had "done the deed" they gave him a tour of their craft, then returned him to the field with all of his memories in tact.

In the weeks after the 'union' Villa Boas began to exhibit the signs of radiation poisoning and developed strange wounds all over his body, which left the local medical community baffled.

Due to the young man's reputation for honesty, local officials had no choice but to believe his story, no matter how incredible it was.


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