Pop Culture Fans Rejoice View Obscura Comics Is The Back Issue King!

View Obscura Comics features hundreds of items including comic books, sci-fi toys, books, magazines, posters, and movie memorabilia plus a selection of store exclusives. At this point our store has more than two thousand items for sale with more being added daily. Over the past decade in a half I have paid very close attention to the types of items sci-fi, horror and fans of every genre of pop culture have been searching for and I can say that we have taken great pride in stocking our store with items that we believe will bring great joy to our customers.

Let’s look at some of our departments:

Sci-Fi and Horror Comics

Stocked with titles like Vampirella, Strange Adventures, Star Wars, Star Trek, House of Mystery, Turok and Unknown Worlds just to mention a few this section boasts an ever-growing collection of over two hundred and sixty books that are guaranteed to both terrify and fascinate the spirit of wonder in all of us.

Explore Our Sci-Fi and Horror Comic Book Section

Star Wars and Sci-Fi Toys

Do you remember collecting Star Wars action figures back in the day? Maybe some of you just aren't old enough to remember the thrill of collecting these toys when they were on the shelves back in the nineteen seventies and eighties, but that doesn't mean that you can't recapture the sensation of holding a vintage Star Wars action figure in your hands. It's also nice to be able to brag about having an original Star Wars item in your collection to your fanboy (or girl) friends instead of some reproduction or modern reissue.

Beam On Over To Our Star Wars and Sci-Fi Toys Collection

Superhero Comic Books

Maybe all this space stuff just isn't your bag? Perhaps you dig the exploits of those who have super powers and marvelous gadgets that they use to combat larger than life criminals and madmen bent on destroying mankind? I am of course talking about superheroes and we here at the Monster Island Newsstands have you covered ... and boy do we have you covered my friend! We presently have well over a thousand such comic books online with boxes and boxes ... and may I say boxes of more books waiting to be added. Fear not, because we are adding more stuff online daily. Also, don't be afraid to hit us up because if you don't see it in the store we undoubtedly will have it in our back stock.

Oh, and before I forget, we have books from the nineteen forties to present day so no matter what era of comic books your looking for we have them!

We have our store divided up like this:

Batman Comic Books
This includes titles like Detective Comics, Catwoman, Nightwing and all other Batman related titles.

Captain America Comic Books

Iron Man, Hulk and Thor
We have captured three of Marvel's greatest heroes and featured them in one mighty collection.

Superman and Supergirl Comic Books
Also including Superboy comic books. If they are from the planet Krypton you can find them here.

Spider-Man Comic Books
Spider-Man, Spider-Man,
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies
Look Out!
Here comes the Spider-Man.

Nuff Said!

Other Superhero Comics
This is where you can find Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, the Fantastic Four, Avengers, X-Men and much, much more.

$1 Comic Books
We have comic books for every budget. Everybody can't afford the premium stuff. With the way things are going everybody needs a price break!

This is just a small sample of what we have for sale True Believers so please feel free to come right on in through the front door and start exploring our universe of wonders. Oh, and let me quickly mention that we pride ourselves in having the only online comic book shop that actually resembles a comic book. Just hover over image (panel) and the information about it will appear. Click on the image to find out more. We think you will love this design!

Don't forget to visit View Obscura Comics!

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