Wonder Woman: Another Reason Why The Oscars Are Out Of Touch (Suck)

The nominations for this years Oscars are out ... and surprise, Wonder Woman was snubbed receiving zero nominations. In recent years I have constantly ridiculed the Academy for turning the Oscars into "The Movies That Nobody Has Ever Seen Awards". The roots of this can be traced all the way back to 1977 when the Woody Allen comedy "Annie Hall" won best picture over "Star Wars".

Have you ever seen "Annie Hall"? I rest my case.

Over the past two years I have fumed over how both "The Force Awakens" and "Rogue One" were given the middle finger by the Academy. Both films were the top grossing films each year respectively, not to mention the fact that Rogue One was an amazing film, yet they were all but ignored when the hardware was handed out.

That brings me back to Wonder Woman, which may be the best (or at least one of the best) superhero movies ever. Again the film was a huge hit both at the box office and was heralded by both fans and critics alike.

I would say that the Academy simply hates anything science fiction or fantasy related if it hadn't been for "Mad Max: Fury Road" sweeping just about every category just three years ago.

I'm still shaking my head over that one.

Here is the story from Entertainment Weekly:

The 2018 Oscar nominations were announced Tuesday morning and one fan favorite title was utterly snubbed in all categories: Wonder Woman.

Fans hoped the breakout DC hit starring Gal Gadot would at least get something in the big awards race — like perhaps a directing nod to Patty Jenkins, who overcame industry skepticism to launch the first female-fronted superhero box office blockbuster in, well, ever.

Or maybe at least something in technical categories, like sound mixing or costumes? But no. Wonder Woman will just have to be content with $800 million in worldwide box office, critical acclaim, and legions of fans who found the film inspiring.

Other snubs included: The lack of best picture nod for the terrific I, Tonya (though Margot Robbie was deservedly nominated for best actress), Academy favorite Tom Hanks missing out on best actor for The Post, James Franco not getting his expected best actor nod in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations, and indis favorites The Florida Project and The Big Sick not getting a best picture nod.