Roseanne: A Honest Look At The American Family ... For A Change

I haven't laughed that hard in years! The show is brilliant! Bravo!

Here's a great review of the show from Yahoo! of all places:

Roseanne returned to primetime after a 21-year hiatus and immediately tackled the topic of political divisiveness — something many American families can relate to. It’s pretty clear that Roseanne and Dan are proud Donald Trump supporters, while Roseanne’s sister, Jackie, is anti-Trump.

The episode centers on Roseanne and Jackie being at odds over this. In fact, they’ve barely spoken since the 2016 election. But since they’re family, they’re making an attempt to be civil to each other.

The two sisters throw barbs at each other. Jackie brings Russian dressing to a family dinner. Roseanne responds by asking Jackie if she’d like to take a knee during grace.

It comes to a head with Jackie asking Roseanne how she could have voted for Trump. Roseanne said, “He talked about jobs, Jackie! He said he’d shake things up! I mean, this might come as a complete shock to you, but we almost lost our house, the way things are going.”

While the two sisters never see eye-to-eye on politics, they overlook their differences for the sake of family. “I guess I didn’t mean to imply that you’re some right-wing jackass,” Jackie says. “I should have tried to understand why you voted the crazy way that you did.” Roseanne responds, “And I should have understood that, you know, you want the government to give everybody free health care ’cause you’re a goodhearted person who can’t do simple math.”

It was so refreshing to a show that was honest for a change. Both sides of the political isle were poked fun at in a truthful manner. I was reminded of the classic TV sitcom "All in the Family" with it's straight forward, nothing is of limits approach to making us laugh at ourselves.

It made me so happy to see Liberals made fun of for a change. Maybe late night talk show hosts will remember that not everyone in America hates the President.