You'll Thrill To ... The Warlock's Tree!

Forbidden Worlds #142 March 1967 ACG Comics

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Cover by Kurt Schaffenberger, credited as Lou Wahl. Edited by Richard E. Hughes. Stories by Richard Hughes, credited as Curt Carpenter, Kurato Osaki and Bob Standish. Art by Pete Costanza, Tom Hickey, Leo Morey and Gerald McCann.

An anthology series featuring tales of fantasy and science fiction adventure from legendary early independent comics publisher ACG. WWII German soldiers run afoul of a tree that still bears the ancient curse of a warlock; A man is condemned for cowardice after his bride drowns, but there is more to the story. Cover by Superman and Lois Lane artist Kurt Schaffenberger, working under an assumed name at the request of DCs editor. The Warlocks Tree!; Those Ever-Lovin Space Shoes!; Turn Back the Clock!; Whats the Answer?