Book: Curt Swan: A Life In Comics

by Armand Vaquer

Ever go to your bookcase to get a specific book to read and it's nowhere to be found?

This happened to me about a week ago when I went to get my copy of Curt Swan: A Life In Comics (2002, by Eddy Zeno) to read. It was nowhere to be found.

I hadn't read the book since I lived in California, so I didn't notice it was missing. Now I have. 

It may still be around somewhere, but since I wasn't sure, I decided to order another copy through Alibris (I already have an account with them). I ordered it last week and it arrived in the mail yesterday. The price was reasonable enough: $24.73 (hardcover). I think my original copy was the trade paperback.

Above, yours truly enjoying the book yesterday.

I started reading it as soon as I got home from the post office and the time passed quickly (about 2 hours) and, before I knew it, it was time to start dinner.

Even if my original copy turns up, I have no regrets ordering another copy. It is an excellent book with lots of examples of Swan's work. I highly recommend it.


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