Superman Subscription: My First Issue

by Armand Vaquer

There are some things in one's life experiences that stick to one even after 56 years have passed.

Back in the 1960s, DC Comics (known then as National Periodical Publications) offered subscriptions to their comics. If I remember correctly, a year's subscription (10 issues) to their comics was $1.00. At that time, comic books cost 12 cents on the newsstand with 80-page giants costing 25 cents (they were called annuals before). The 80-page giants weren't included in subscriptions.

I subscribed to Superman back in late 1965 and the first issue of my subscription was Superman no. 182 (January 1966 cover date). Someone posted the cover of the issue in a Curt Swan Facebook fan page.

The cover was penciled by Swan and inked by Sheldon Moldoff. It appears Superman's face was re-done by Al Plastino (for whatever reason). 

This particular comic book is now considered a "key issue" as it was the first Silver Age appearance of The Toyman (Winslow Percival Schott). A copy of it is now listed at eBay for $89.99

I still have my copy.

This is the cover of that issue:


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