Heading Off To G-FEST XV!

I'll be heading off to G-FEST XV in Chicago (actually Rosemont, Illinois next to O'Hare International Airport) this coming Wednesday. I don't expect to get there until around 7:00 PM local time.

It will be interesting to fly during this energy crisis. What charges the airline (American Airlines) will be charging me for? How many check-in bags are allowed without charge? Any charge for carry-on? What's the charge for food and drinks? This'll be very interesting.

Wednesday will be generally free, although we'll be having the mini-film festival that day starting with Matango at 1:30, followed by Destroy All Monsters at 3:00. Then, a break for a few hours before Godzilla vs. Gigan at 7:00, which will be followed by Orochi, The Eight-Headed Dragon at 8:30. The only film I am particularly interested in seeing is Orochi, so maybe this time I will spend the day down in downtown Chicago. I've been to every G-FEST in Chicago since 2002 and never visited downtown or the waterfront of Chicago. Maybe this time I finally will (on clear days, one can see the Sears Tower in the distance from the hotel).

Friday is when the convention actually starts, so I'll be kept busy through Sunday.

Sunday's highlight for me is the awards luncheon where Haruo Nakajima will finally be awarded the Mangled Skyscraper Award for his career as a monster suit actor. This has been something I've been nagging "the powers that be" for the past several years.

It will be interesting to see and meet Don Frye (poor guy, he's almost been forgotten over the excitement of Nakajima's long-awaited return to G-FEST) from Godzilla Final Wars. Don Glut, last year's Mangled Skyscraper awardee and August Ragone, the author of Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters (if you haven't bought this book yet, you should) are also going to be on hand for the convention with their own sessions. August will gladly sign your copy. Great book, with lots of information and photos!

I'll be returning to Los Angeles on Monday, July 7 and reality. I will be bringing my laptop to the convention, primarily for downloading photos from my camera to clear out the data card and to assist one of sessions (sure hope my Power Point works).

See ya when I get back!

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