New Photos From Monster X Strikes Back: Attack The G8 Summit

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Getty Images / Avery Guerra

This looks like it is shapping up to be the weekend for new movie photos!

"Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit!" (Girara no gyakushu / Samitto kiki ippatsu!) will be screened at this years 65th Venice International Film Festival. In conjunction with that screening, Getty Images has released several new publicity photos from the film. Normally a film synopsis comes along with most publicity packages, but as of yet it has not been posted, as soon as it becomes available we will post here at Robo Japan. We will also post the screening date when it becomes available.

Enjoy the pics!

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  1. I watch this movie others at well some one else house but my DVD . It is surprising others around me watching the flick , did laugh but did not connect the correct dots . Many around me thought this was a American made movie not Japanese and were baffled why the Japanese spoke well Japanese , DUH . Read the credits . This movie is a tongue and cheek plus a parody of the original movie with this monster . Also cheap budget on purpose . The G8 spoke their countries languages the translation to Japanese the vertical side bar . The monster doing a village dance that kind of look like a Irish Jig . Last many of the older Japanese actors were in the original movie , with this monster . Oh the idol at the temple is holding a umbrella and a fire extinguisher and idol name , comes across comic magic , when pronounce as is in Japanese . The movie flawlessly mixes the old movie footage with new , That's why people vaporized when hot breath hit them , ah , the died .


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