Davies, Amer And Eastwood Are Waiting For Gorgo

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: MJSimpson.co.uk / Kaijuphile Forums / Avery Guerra

Monster Island News readers may remember that a few months back I reported on a rumored remake of the British giant monster film "Gorgo" that was supposed to be helmed by "Shaun of the Dead" director Edgar Wright. Well as you may have heard Wright publicly squashed those rumors. Well it seems that there was indeed a Gorgo project in the works after all.

"Waiting for Gorgo" is a fifteen minute short film that was written by M.J. Simpson as an homage to the classic 1961 monster film that starred Bill Travers and William Sylvester. This new movie, which is not intended to be a sequel, was directed by Benjamin Craig of Cinemagine, who actually discovered the film on a mailing list.

The film is presently in post-production after shooting a the famed Elstree Studios this past July. Elstree as you probably know, has been the home both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movie franchises. The production was allowed to use about half of the facilities for the weeks shooting.

Now it should be noted that the actual monster, "Gorgo", does not make a guest appearance in the film. So if giant monster buffs are waiting for Gorgo to rise up out of the Thames, then they will be waiting for awhile longer.

The film actually centers on a secret organization called DMOA that was put in place by the British government to aide the country in defense of attacks by giant monsters and aliens. You need to kinda think of it as a comedy version of "Torchwood", sans the cool Jack and Gwen characters.


Deep in the bowels of the Ministry of Defence lies a secretive government department identified only as the ‘DMOA’. Just what the DMOA does has been lost in the annals of time - all that is known is that it's the last line of defence protecting London from total destruction.

Determined to find out more about this strange department, Alexandra, played by Kelly Eastwood (Death at a Funeral), a young ambitious defence analyst, sets off into the rabbit warrens of Whitehall to see the DMOA for herself. Finding two aged public servants in varying stages of senility, played by Geoffrey Davies (Tales from the Crypt) and Nicholas Amer (Treasure Island), Alexandra is convinced that the DMOA is the result of an unfortunate mistake. However, as the conversation progresses it becomes apparent that the old guys may not be as senile as they seem, and more worryingly, they may indeed be London's last line of defence.

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  1. Hey Ken,

    I was actually a bit disappointed that this article wasn't about a remake of Gorgo. I've always thought that, aside from Sean's annoying presence, Gorgo was among the better giant monster films made in it's day; no messages about man's disrupting the natural order, no love interest subplots. Just a bunch of characters out for themselves and the consequences that their actions bring. And the Gorgo suit and effects were better than almost anything Toho was doing with Godzilla at the time.

    But y'know, after seeing how Peter Jackson took King Kong and turned it into, as my brother so effectively put it, "giant monkey love" maybe I'm not that disappointed after all.

  2. Indeed, the rumored Gorgo remake would have been awsome!

    I agree, Gorgo is one of the best giant monster films of all time.

    I wouldn't go out on a limb and say that the effects in the film were better than the ones in the Toho monster films, but they were on par with the work Tsuburaya's team was doing at the time.

    Of course you probably know of the Japanese "rip-off" of Gorgo entitled "Gappa" or "Monster from a Prehistoric Planet." That film is so bad, it is hard to tell if it is a really bad monster movie or a spoof?

    Bye the way....fan reaction was so wide spread for the original "Gorgo" rumor, that I honestly believe it would be worthwhile for someone to actually do it.

    There seems to be a legitimate market for it!

  3. Hey Ken,

    Yes... I know of "Gappa/Monster from a Prehistoric Planet". Years ago I found it at a video store and, never having seen the film, bought it in a moment of undiscerning giant monster fandom.

    And it was bad. SO bad.

    As for my comment about Gorgo's effects being superior to Toho's don't get me wrong. Toho's stockade of monsters, especially Godzilla, will always be at the center of my kaiju fandom. But, IMHO, when you compare Gorgo to the Toho films made around the same period Gorgo pretty much outdoes them.

    The Gorgo suit had more of an appearance of a believable creature. The matte work was, most of the time, nearly perfect for a film of that period.

    Even the composition of many of the scenes during Gorgo's attack on London were, I think, more dynamic with their low angle shots of Gorgo against an eerily red sky while portions of London collapse around her. (It's that same approach to filming that makes "Godzilla 1985: The Legend Is Reborn", or "The Return of Godzilla" depending on which version you're watching, one of my favorites.)

    You commented in your post, "Three New Teaser Posters For The Wolfman", that director Joe Johnston may well have captured the true feel of the classic horror films of the 30's and 40's with his remake. And I hope that turns out to be accurate.

    Unfortunately the same obviously can't be said of remakes of classic giant monster movies. And although I'd count myself among the wide spread fan reaction to the original Gorgo remake rumor, instead of another misguided attempt at "updating" a film like Gorgo for modern audiences I would rather see it just be allowed to maintain its place in time and history as the excellent film it is.


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