"Cool Dimension" Review

Cool Dimension (2006)
DVD By Sentai Filmworks

by Armand Vaquer

Happy New Year!

Last weekend, I picked up Yoshikazu Ishii's ("Mr. G-Fest") Cool Dimension in Little Tokyo and viewed it this morning.

Bear in mind that this is Mr. Ishii's first feature as a director. He previously was assistant special effects director for Godzilla Final Wars.

From AsianMediaWiki:

Three leather-clad, cool and glamorous lady assassins, Shiori, Mika, and Junko, win over guys with intelligence and attractive bodies. They are given the mission to eliminate a target but there comes an intruder and the battle begins. Forced into becoming an assassin since childhood, Shiori now with conflicting conscience, decides to leave her boss. But can she really quit before killing one too many?

Actually, the movie involves three Japanese women assassins for an organization under hire. They are sort of anti-Charlie's Angels. The plot in this movie involves the latest "job" the girls have to do, which is killing a reporter who has the goods of a corrupt politician.

As the synopsis from AsianMediaWiki states, one girl, Shiori, has second thoughts about what she's doing as her conscience has surfaced.

The story is rather pedestrian and the viewer can pretty much predict the next scene before it happens. There's some martial-arts action and one nude scene in which the politician sits as a spectator blowing CGI smoke-rings as a couple gets it on. The scene is laughable as the girl is letting out orgasmic moans, but her partner isn't really doing anything to be moaning about.

Above, Yoshikazu Ishii, Stan Hyde and Armand at dinner in 2005. Photo by Richard Pusateri.

Also, two girls are being beaten with sticks, pipes and whatnot while under a tarp. But they hardly display any wounds. While they are still under the tarp, supposedly unconscious they are shot at (practically at point-blank range), yet one survives with no bullet wounds! The shooter was apparently a very bad shot! Additionally, the first target of assassin Shiori receives a shot at point-blank, yet he drops dead with no wound! These scenes really stretches one's "suspension of disbelief" to the limit!

Still, this little (72 min.) B-movie is entertaining with loads of hot Japanese women throughout.

Director Ishii's efforts here are laudable and he shows great potential. The storyline could have been much improved. It is a good effort for a beginning director.

My grade: C+.



Kenichi Endo - Kurokawa
Yoko Mitsuya - Shiori
Mitsuho Otani - Mika
Mika Shigeizumi - Junko
Satoshi Matsuda
Satoshi Nikaido

Director: Ishii Yoshikazu
Writer: Sato Midori (writer), Yamamoto Norihisa (writer)

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