Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: James Baack

I just received an email from film maker James Baack stating that he has just signed a distribution deal for his film, "The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot" through Cheezy Flicks Entertainment, the same company that sells the Charles Pierce classic, "The Legend of Boggy Creek."

James didn't go into any details, except that the contract was inked on Wednesday, and that the deal would expand the availability of his Bigfoot horror movie that doubles as a psychological thriller.

In related news, Baack also passed along the news that his production company, Great Lakes Artists Group, a co-op between James, Steve Galayda, Ron Feyereisen, Tina Boivin, and his brother Paul Baack, had just launched a brand-new website. (Go Here)

Here is the info on Great Lakes Artists Group:

The Great Lakes Artists Group is an association of Chicago-area artists,
filmmakers, musicians, and writers. Founded in 2006 by noted cryptozoological
artist and painter James Baack, the group focuses on creative expressions
representing the outré and fantastic side of reality. The group has recently
celebrated a team milestone with the release of its first motion picture, the
horror comedy
The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot. The enthusiastic reception the film has received from fans of the genre has inspired the group to begin planning a follow-up feature, tentatively called The Sisters of St. Tommygun. Watch this site for news of further developments!

"The Sisters of St. Tommygun" film is a new one on me, I may Baack revealed to me that his next film would be "Orgy of the Damned", (originally titled, "The Uninvited Alien Invasion"). I guess we will just have to wait and see on that one.

Along with news and information about the groups upcoming film the site is also the new home of Satantha & Loosey-Fur's House of Sin, a sub-site that features actresses Andrea Hutchison and Tina Boivin from "Bloody Rage" and the proposed "Orgy of the Damned". If you like girls with guns and girls posed on motorcycles go - HERE

I tip my hat to Baack and his comrades up in the Chicago area. I wish them continued success in their endeavors to keep pumping out their over-the-top horror movies.

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