New Yeren Evidence Found In Hubei Province

Written By: Ken Hulsey

For centuries the forests and mountains of Hubei Province in a remote area of central China has been rumored to be the home of the Yeren (sometimes known as the Yiren) a legendary wild man that may be a distant cousin of the American Bigfoot.

Earlier this month 33-year-old Ding Fei returned from a trek into Hubei wilderness with a large number of mysterious think, dark, curly hairs the he believes came from the creature.

Local researchers in Shennongjia examined the hairs and determined that they did not belong to any known local livestock or humans for that matter, but they also needed more tests to determine if they belonged to bears which also inhabit the area.

Spurned by the hair discovery the researchers returned to an area known as Shallow Hole, where the initial discovery was found, and discovered yet more hairs and 30-centimeter-long (11.8 inches) suspected Yeren footprint.

The Hubei area is of great interest to those who study cryptozoology, or the study of yet undiscovered animals, due to the fossil remains of the Gigantopithecus also being discovered there.

For those of you who don't know, the Gigantopithecus was a giant bi-pedal ape that died out some three-hundred thousand years ago. So far, these fossils are the only hard scientific evidence that a animal like the Yeren, or Bigfoot, ever existed.

It is easy to extrapolate that if the Yeren does exist, it would be a relative of the Gigantopithecus, likewise it would stand to reason that Bigfoot could also be from the same blood-line since the animal could have migrated from Asia to North America via Beringia.

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