Hey! Don't Molest The Princess! Especially If She Is A Celebrity

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: The Register (UK)

Actress and Model Adrianne Curry (America's Next Top Model) really loves her Princess Leia "slave" outfit. She wore it to Comic Con in July and then again to the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida this past weekend, a move that she may now be regretting.

Apparently, some drunk, and horny, passer by really liked the costume too ..... and the way Curry looked in it. Enough so that the fan in question decided to grope the actress while she was waiting for a taxi along with other female fans in "slave" Leia costumes.

Curry explains, "(I thought that the)breeze (was) lifting up my skirt"

"As I tried to push down my skirt I felt an arm underneath it. Then I was grabbed, hard, downstairs."

She adds: "I whirled around and elbowed whoever was behind me to find myself looking eye to eye with a glassy eyed very stocky Mexican man. He spoke NO English and was NOT a Star wars fan , nerd, or con goer."

After the actress began yelling at the man, several convention goers came to her rescue and tried to detain him. He managed to flee to his car, where he then tried to run over a few people in an attempt to escape.

"He was shoved a few times and hopped into his car. He then almost ran a few people over and hit the car in front of him. Curry said, "At this time i was seeing red, it was all a blur. I know someone reached in and took his keys handing them to hotel staff."

Without the keys to his car, the man simply wandered off down the street where he was picked up by the local police after he hid in some bushes.

Curry came forward on her Myspace page to thank the people who came to her aide saying, "(Thanks to)all of you who stood by me, defended me with force, and wiped away my tears...For all our talk of being on The Dark Side of The Force....I believe we all acted like True Jedi Masters!"

Curry isn't the only celebrity who likes to dress up like "slave" Leia, actress Olivia Munn has also turned many a head at Comic Con and Star Wars conventions in her gold bikini and chains, though no one has ever tried to reach up her skirt before ...... to my knowledge anyway.

That fool should count his blessings that he didn't try and fondle the 'real' Princess Leia, she would have kicked the crap out of him and feed his remains to a Wampa.

.....yes, I know Princess Leia isn't real....but if she was......you get the idea.

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