Finally - ALIENS Action Figures from the Comic Books!

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Aliens Genocide Xenomorph Warriors Action Figure 2-Pack:

Order yours for only $36.99!

Check these out! The Aliens Genocide Xenomorph Warriors Action Figure 2-Pack Aliens Genocide Xenomorph Warriors Action Figure 2-Pack brings us some of the first not-movie-specific creatures in years! With unique colors based on Dark Horse Comics' ALIENS: Genocide comic book, this pair is ready to fight pretty much anything nearby, be they tasty humans or vicious Predators. With extendable jaws, bendable tales, and collectible figures, how can you not want this set? Be sure to order yours before it sneaks up on you and implants an egg in your torso!

Unique action figures from the ALIENS: Genocide comic book series!
Each figure measures 9-inches tall. Amazing 2-pack comes with red and black Xenomorph Warrior action figures!
It's an amazing action figure 2-pack from the Alien universe!

Based on the classic Dark Horse Comic series from the early 1990s pitting 2 different classes of Xenomorph Warriors against one another, Aliens: Genocide - the 9-inch tall action figures in this 2-pack are simply stunning. This Aliens Genocide Xenomorph Warriors 9-Inch Action Figure 2-Pack includes both the more common or traditional black-colored Xenomorph as it clashes with the unique crimson red-colored Xenomorph in an Aliens Civil War. Both Warrior figures feature over 30 points of articulation and stand over 9-inches tall. They include extending inner mouths, bendable tails, and decoration that is exclusive and unique to this set and not available anywhere else. It'll be a great addition to your 7-inch scale Alien action figure collection!

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