SHOOT: Japanese Monster Reboot GODZILLA Films Overnight at Paper Recycling Plant in Coquitlam


Japanese monster 3D reboot Godzilla has started its fourth week of filming in the Vancouver area with overnight shoots in a vacant paper recycling mill (closed in 2010) on the Fraser River in Coquitlam. Bryan Cranston is said to have joined the reboot’s cast on set after wrapping the Breaking Bad series finale.

Apart from monsters, Godzilla focuses on a young soldier (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), his girlfriend (Elizabeth Olsen) and his stepfather (Bryan Cranston). Other cast includes David Straitharn and Ken Watanabe I could see the Godzilla set from United Boulevard in Coquitlam but not much of the filming beyond lights, smoke machines and a mysterious figure with an orange case on a walkway. Last week Godzilla spent some time in the sunshine at Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Park but the weather has not been as kind this week.

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