UFO: Passenger jet had near miss with 'blue and yellow unidentified object' over Glasgow

From Mirror News (UK)

A passenger jet was involved in a near miss with a UFO in the skies above Glasgow, according to a report.

Pilots saw a blue and yellow object "loom ahead" as they made their final descent into the city on December 2 last year.

The UK Airprox Board, which investigates near misses, was unable to establish what the crew had seen.

A report by the board said that the Airbus A320 was flying in clear skies above Baillieston just before 1pm when the incident occurred.

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The plane was at an altitude of 4,000ft when the pilot and co-pilot reported seeing the object about 100m away.

The report said: "The object passed directly beneath before either of the crew had time to take avoiding action or had 'really registered it', although they were both agreed that it appeared blue and yellow, or silver, in colour with a small frontal area but that it was 'bigger than a balloon'."

The pilot estimated that the distance between the plane and the object had been 300ft and assessed the risk of collision as high.


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