Bigfoot filmed in Canada went viral

Two new videos that claim to document recent encounters in Canada, with the Bigfoot garnered over 1 million views. But more than a few viewers are wondering if the videos are legitimate or part of a larger marketing stunt.

The videos were posted to YouTube about two weeks ago after a Canadian app company PlayMobility, issued a call-out for footage of such legendary creatures as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.

In one footage a group of Chinese tourists comes across a shadowy creature in the woods near Mission, British Canada, and grab their cameras to get a shot. The camerawork in the video is shaky and zooms in on the dark figure standing close to a lake.

It certainly looks like it could be Bigfoot and people say that the movement this creature makes in the video does coincide with a wild creature as opposed to a human, but the key to this video is that it is taken from far away.


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