UFO approaches International Space Station

Scott Waring who edits UFO Sightings Daily has made the following discovery that he announced on 12 August 2013. He had been affiliated with the military while he was in the States. He now lives in Taiwan.

I have now uncovered photos as of 12 August 2013 that were taken during the STS-122 mission back in February of 2008. This is an alien orb and similar orbs have been seen around the shuttle Atlantis before and broadcasted on live CNN around the world a few years ago. Notice the mist around this orb. If this was the moon it would be in total focus like the Earth, but you need to click on the large photo to see this fact.

On Sept 20, 2006 the world had a treat...CNN announced live that the Shuttle Atlantis would be delayed for its landing due to a UFO following it...Unidentified Flying Object, which does not necessarily mean alien object. When CNN showed the live feed from the shuttle... the world saw not one, but 5-7 grey metallic orbs floating around behind and around the shuttle. I will put the video below for those who have never seen it before.


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