The Legend Of Boggy Creek

In 1972 Charles Pierce, an ad salesman from Texarkana, borrowed $160,000 from a friend who owned a car dealership, to make a movie about a local legend in Arkansas, that he had heard about growing up. Armed with a hand-held camera, and the local residents, who played themselves, Pierce set out to create a
pseudo-documentary about recent encounters with a Bigfoot-like creature in and around the small town of Fouke.

Amazingly enough, Pierce, with no experience at making movies, was able to create a very believable and scary movie. His amateur actors, who obviously drew inspiration from their real-life encounters, display such fear, that the viewer really gets taken in by their raw emotion.

Pierce's camera work and editing really creates a genuine feeling of terror. His wisdom in only showing the monster from a distance, and in the shadows, adds to the mystery and the overall eerie feeling of the film.


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