Jonathan Bellés Discusses Godzilla Documentary At 2nd Cultural Cycle Japan In Spain

by Armand Vaquer

On November 24, producer/director Jonathan Bellés gave a presentation on "Godzilla and Hiroshima: The Dawn of the Kaiju Eiga" in Valencia, Spain. Posted below, is the video of his presentation.

Here is the description of the video in Spanish:
Dentro de las actividades del 2º Ciclo Cultural de Japón en Valencia, en el Centro Cultural La Petxina, Jonathan Bellés ofrece una conferencia sobre su documental "Godzilla & Hiroshima: Los Albores del Kaiju Eiga", además de responder a las preguntas del público asistente.
And, a rough translation:
Among the activities of the 2nd Cultural Cycle Japan in Valencia, at La Petxina Cultural Center, Jonathan Bellés gives a lecture on his documentary "Godzilla & Hiroshima: The Dawn of Kaiju Eiga" plus answer questions from the audience. 

Note: Jonathan Bellés discusses a "certain travel guide" 42 minutes into the video.

Here's a still from the presentation:
Above, Jonathan Bellés discusses his upcoming documentary.  Photo courtesy of Jonathan Bellés.

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