Godzilla Slide Doing Re-enactment of End of "Son of Godzilla"?

by Armand Vaquer

Above, snow was falling at the Godzilla slide in Yokosuka during my visit. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Snow was falling when I went down to Yokosuka to see the Godzilla slide at the Kurihama Flower World today.

It was quite a feat for this 60-year-old to hike the steep switchback trail to reach the slide, especially with snow falling and the wind blowing. But I made it. It pays to have experience in hiking. I definitely burned a few calories. I figured, if my mother could handle the Weeping Rock trail at Zion National Park at age 70, I can do this at age 60.

When I got to the slide, there was snow on the ground and more snow was falling. I was thinking that the Godzilla slide was doing a re-enactment of the end of Son of Godzilla.

It was beginning to snow in Tokyo when I got back.

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