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Technically, Dracula entered the Marvel Universe with 1951’s SUSPENSE #7, but the vampire lord really made a splash in 1972 with TOMB OF DRACULA #1. Thanks to a slackening of the Comics Code Authority rules, comics could finally feature monsters in the title again, hence the man formerly known as Vlad scoring a new series penned by Gerry Conway with art by Gene Colan.

TOMB OF DRACULA started off like many a horror classic with people driving around in the rain looking for a creepy castle. In this case, the group consisted of Frank Drake, his girlfriend Jean, and his friend Clifton who also happened to be Jean’s ex. Heading to Transylvania, Frank planned to cash in on a family castle that allegedly belonged to the legendary vampire Count Dracula.

After arriving at the spooky locale, the shifty Clifton took a tumble through some old floorboards that inevitably lead him to Dracula’s tomb. Having removed the stake sticking out of the skeleton’s chest, Clifton inadvertently resurrected the lord of the vampires, getting thrown down a well in the process.

Unleashed and hungry, Dracula presented himself to Frank and Jean, hypnotizing the latter. Frank brutally knocked Jean out to save her from becoming one of Dracula’s mindless minions, but their initial confrontation with the monster ended when a silver compact came into play. Not wanting the trouble, Dracula flew into town and tried to feast on a local, but did not enjoy her taste.


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