There's New Kid In Town...

Greetings, fellow Monster Islanders, my name is Tim Knight (although you may know me as The Acrobatic Flea) and Ken has asked me to hop on as a new correspondent for this marvellous melange of outré goodness.

As a first post, I thought I'd better give you a quick heads-up on who I am and what my geeky chops are.

I'm a middle-aged Brit and back in the 1980s, along with a couple of friends, I created a play-by-post (snail mail) superhero roleplaying game called HeroPress, which ran for several years to a degree of critical acclaim (and was even, for a while anyway, published through a magazine called Fantazia, which described itself, in those pre-Internet days, as the "definitive superhero magazine").

Superheroes are really my thing. I've been reading comics since I was about eight or nine, and playing superhero roleplaying games on-and-off since my early teens.

So, you can imagine, this current wave of comic book movies (both Marvel and DC) are making teenage me squee like a little girl. And long may they continue!

Almost eight years ago I discovered the wonderful world of blogging and have been publishing my own daily slice of geeky goodness, HeroPress, for all that time. It's moved location on a couple of occasions and is more active at certain times than at others, but it's kept a steady beat going all this time.

I'll be very excited if the site makes it to its tenth anniversary.

Although I studied scriptwriting for film and TV at university (as a mature student, aged 28), I don't claim to be an expert on film or television - I just know what I like (pretty much everything Ken and Armand profile here) and will happily sing the praises of trash till the cows come home.

Outside of comic book movies, I love anything connected with Star Wars (particularly the Original Trilogy, of course), Star Trek (again, the original trumps everything else), zombies, giant monsters and so on. And I should also add that I have an enduring, unwavering passion for Hawk The Slayer, the great sword-and-sorcery movie of all time. I have a dream that one day I'll be able to report on the looooooong-awaited sequel, Hawk The Hunter, finally going into production.

I reckon I'll fit right in on Monster Island.


  1. Welcome Tim! I am so honored to have you aboard. I know everyone will really love your take on the world of everything geeky.

    1. Thanks, Ken! It's great to be part of the team!


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