Brains' Watch Replica First In New Thunderbirds' Range

Planet Replicas has joined forces with ITV Studios Global Entertainment to produce a range of Classic Thunderbirds Prop Replicas.

Thunderbirds is a classic TV series full of excitement and stunning designs, and we are extremely excited to have the opportunity to produce a range of product from such a prestigious IP,” said Daniel Carey-George, Creative Director at Planet Replicas Ltd.

Planet Replicas' first release will be a limited edition replica of the wrist watch worn by Brains, taken from the episode Day of Disaster.

“We are looking forward to taking a fresh approach to the range, and as Thunderbirds is 50 years old this year, we wanted our first product to mark the occasion. A cool, retro styled watch is a perfect way to commemorate this.”

Planet Replicas Ltd will launch the first product in early Q3, with more from the range to follow soon after.

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