Black Cat joins the fray as the mobile game marks its first year!

From Marvel Comics

"Spider-Man Unlimited" is full swing into Marvel’s highly acclaimed Spider-Island series and Mary Jane has already come through the portal to help the good fight against The Sinister Six. However, it doesn’t end there as now another familiar face is entering the fray with the arrival of an alternative dimension Black Cat through a brand new week-long event which starts in the game today!

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But today is more than just a celebration of playable fan favorites joining the Spidey army; today also marks the celebration of the first full year of "Spider-Man Unlimited" on the App Store. When the Sinister Six first attacked in September 2014, players were able to raise an army of 21 alternate dimension Spider-Men, from Cosmic Spider-Man to Spider-Man Noir; and now one year later that number has risen to over 70 with famous faces such as Miles Morales and Superior Spider-Man joining the fight, alongside some perhaps unexpected but equally as important web-headed warriors like Anansi the Spider God and Spider-X! That’s one huge Spidey army! And it’s only getting bigger!

All weekend Gameloft will be celebrating the anniversary with an event kicking off on Saturday, September 12 and lasting until Monday, September 14, and each player will be receiving a very special gift over the weekend that’ll include a free Spidey, as well as vial boosters, free premium portals and free standard portals.

Download the game on iOS and Google Play to join the celebrations!

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