Great Thanksgiving items you can only find on your Facebook timeline

This is what Thanksgiving may have looked like on Bespin after the Empire started running things.

One of the worst giant monster films of all time, 'The Giant Claw.' Let's label this one 'When giant puppet turkeys attack!'

Ah, 'The Munsters' that takes me back. Wait ... how many legs does that bird have? I think that may be some sort of beetle.

Godzilla vs The Empire ... what does this have to do with Thanksgiving? Not a dang thing, but it's hella cool.

Never trust an Andorian ...

This is what our Thanksgiving dinner will actually look like... D'oh. Grandpa Simpson face down in his plate, that will be me.

Many of you probably can't remember how TV used to be. Today ... I'm watching the dog show.

Hey, that old blind guy was a hell of a cook!

Hey, if Godzilla wants to cook ... you let him!

Honestly ... who doesn't love Barbara Eden? She was 'Jeannie' for crying out loud!

Happy Thanksgiving from Monster Island News!

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