Sqaudorn Prepare for Battle!

Robotech The Macross Saga #1, December 1984 Issue - Comico

Script and editing by Carl Macek. Pencils by Svea Stauch. Inks, colors and production by Phil Lasorda and Gerry Giovinco, with Vince Argondezzi and Dotty Linberg.

An abandoned alien battle fortress crash-lands on Earth in 1999, stopping a world war in the process. The international scientific community spends the next ten years reconstructing the damaged ship, called the SDF-1. At the ship's launch in 2009, a race of giant alien warriors, the Zentraedi, appear and attack Earth in a bid to capture the vessel. Young sport pilot Rick Hunter has his first experience with a rather odd fighter plane.

See Also: This is Animation #5: The Super Dimension Fortress - 1 Macross - Autographed By Mari Iijima

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