Cry Monster!

Fear #10 October 1972 Marvel Comics

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Cover art by Gray Morrow, script by Gerry Conway, pencils by Howard Chaykin, inks by Gray Morrow


The Man-Thing discovers an infant being abandoned in the swamp, prompting it to seek retribution for the heinous act. "The Spell of the Sea Witch!" starring Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, script by Allyn Brodsky, pencils by Jack Katz (as "Jay Hawk"), inks by Bill Everett (as "Black Bill"). "There Is Something Strange About Mister Jones!", art by Don Heck; A thug hears a man say that he has a fortune in his locker. He attacks him and tries to make him lead him there. His victim is Davy Jones, and he shows the thief his locker by drowning him.