The Inhumans. They're Marvel's most evolved alien race, an ancient species of man blessed with strange and remarkable power!

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A princess and sister to Queen Medusa of the Inhumans, Crystal is a noble and compassionate member of the royal family; while she controls elemental substances, she only does so to protect her family and others from harm. When she’s not fighting alongside Earth’s heroes, like the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, she takes her role as a royal seriously and works for the betterment of her people.

Crystal was born as Crystalia Amaquelin into the Royal Family of the Inhumans, a sub-species of humanity from the city Attilan who were diverged through Kree experiments. The Inhumans are a hidden race preoccupied with genetics; they developed the Terrigen Mists, a mutagenic compound routinely exposed to many Inhuman children to unlock their potential for superhuman abilities—Crystal among them. Her parents are Quelin and Ambur, and she is sister to Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans.

While others in the Royal Family eagerly embraced a warrior heritage, Crystal preferred more peaceful pursuits and never took to her battle training. Though when Crystal and her family were exiled to Earth and Medusa went missing, Crystal helped find her sister and later became a close ally of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers.


The Inhumans

Twenty-five thousand years ago, an alien Kree patrol ship in the Solar System shot down a ship manned by Eternals, a human subspecies created on Earth by the Celestials. Kree scientists studied the remains of one Eternal, Arlok, and were fascinated by his superhuman powers. Realizing that Earth beings possessed unique genetic potential, the Kree sent a scientific party to Earth to perform experiments upon humans with the intention to create an army of superhumans for themselves. Their creations possessed enhanced strength and long lifespans. However, the Kree ultimately abandoned their work on Earth for unknown reasons, and the Inhumans developed into a distinct society.

The Inhumans, led by King Myran, settled in the city of Attilan, located in the North Atlantic Ocean just off the island continent of Atlantis, and became one of the most advanced cultures on Earth. When the Great Cataclysm destroyed Atlantis, Attilan endured and became legendary amongst humanity. They surrounded their city with a protective dome, subtly altering its internal environment, and began referring to Attilan as the Great Refuge. Not long after the Cataclysm, the geneticist Randac discovered the Terrigen mist, a gaseous mutagenic substance created by the exposure of rare Terrigen crystals to precise combinations of heat and vapor. These crystals appeared to only be found in a cavern beneath Attilan.

Randac exposed himself to the Terrigen mist, unlocking the superhuman potential the Kree had left in his people’s DNA. A Sentry robot left behind by the Kree examined the mutated Randac and judged that the Inhumans had achieved what the Kree had hoped for. However, the Sentry also warned them that they and the Kree might also become enemies.


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Regal, stately, and dangerously loud, Black Bolt is the worthy king of the Inhumans royal family.

In spite of a voice that could level mountains, he uses his powers for good and always serves his people first, no matter what the cost to himself. Between trying to keep scheming brother Maximus from snagging the throne or preventing a prejudiced humanity from harming his subjects, Black Bolt is a busy Super Hero with a (mostly) great family behind him.

Born to the long-hidden Inhuman race in their secluded community Attilan, Blackagar Boltagon is the son of two prominent Inhuman geneticists, Agon, head of the ruling Council of Genetics, and Rynda, director of the Prenatal Care Center.

While many Inhumans were subjected to the mutagenic Terrigen Mists, Blackagar was actually exposed in utero, resulting in greater than normal abilities. As an infant, he couldn't control his energy manipulation abilities - he threw a temper tantrum while being studied in a lab and nearly destroyed Attilan with the destructive sonic energy of his vocal cords. Found in the rubble of the collapsed lab, Black Bolt survived by shielding himself with a high-density electron force field.

For the protection of all Inhumans, Black Bolt was placed inside a soundproof chamber and given an energy-harnessing suit, while being taught to control his abilities. When he was released at age 19, he was reunited with his cousins and his brother Maximus, who immediately attacked him, hoping to force Black Bolt to speak and prove he was unworthy of being king. With the aid of Black Bolt's cousins, Maximus was knocked unconscious and Black Bolt proved himself worthy of his future title.


Inhumans Special #1 April 1990 Marvel Comics

Cover: Artists Richard Howell Writers: Lou Mougin Pencilers: Richard Howell Inkers: Vince Colletta Colourists: Richard Howell
Letterers: Diana Albers

Synopsis for "Remembrances of Revolutions Past":
The untold story of the uncanny Inhumans just before they met the Fantastic Four!

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As the queen of the Inhuman royal family, Medusa spends much of her time fighting for the right of the genetically-altered Inhuman race to exist. She stands against anyone who opposes her people, from humanity to the Kree, to other members of the royal family, like Maximus, the brother of her husband and Inhuman king Black Bolt.

With her mane of deadly red locks, Medusa commands respect. And, as Black Bolt does not speak for fear of the destructive power his voice wields, one of Medusa's main roles as queen-consort is to interpret his wishes and communicate them to their subjects.

Medusa was born into the royal family of the Inhumans, and so raised as an elite, meant to be queen. However, Medusa rebelled against her strict upbringing. Though she was betrothed to Black Bolt at a young age, she flirted briefly with his younger brother, Maximus - a flirtation made easier by the fact that Black Bolt was kept in quarantined isolation for many years.

Medusa began to correspond electronically with Black Bolt in his isolation and the two bonded, developing a personal sign language for communication that only they understood. She learned to interpret Black Bolt's body language and fell in love with him. After his release and the tragic death of Black Bolt's parents, Medusa grew even closer to him.


Inhumans #10 April 1977 Marvel Comics

Written by Doug Moench, with art by Keith Pollard. Cover by Ed Hannigan and Mike Esposito.

Trapped in the stronghold of their enemies, the Inhumans go wild! Featuring: 17 page Inhumans story "Isle of the Asteroid Web!" Characters: Inhumans [Black Bolt; Medusa; Karnak; Gorgon; Triton; Lockjaw]; Guest: Warkon, Falzon; Villain: Mon-Tog (Intro); Skornn; Kree.

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