Do You Have The Fever? Werewolf Fever?

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Avery Guerra

Are you sick of wussy werewolf flicks like "Twilight"?

Are you sick of fast food?

Yeah, me too. Well it seems that film maker Brian Singleton (Forest of the Dead) has felt our pain, and created a good old fashioned werewolf on a rampage movie, that just happens to take place at a greasy small town drive-in.

No cheesy teen romances here, just good old boys, car hops, and a out of control man-beast who has opted to pass on the burgers and fries for some human flesh.

He doesn't even stop for a malted....and I here that they are the bomb over there at the Kingburger.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the film is called, "Werewolf Fever"? Don't know why I missed that?

Anyway, here is the plot:

At the Kingburger Drive-In, the food is fast, the service is sexy, and the price is right. But tonight, terror is on the menu when the Kingburger's cantankerous boss, Odi Buckmeyer, leaves the late shift employees to wait for Donnie the delivery driver. On his way back, Donnie is attacked by an unknown animal in the woods on an deserted road. Under the full moon, he transforms into a vicious creature of the night - descending from the darkness and back to the Kingburger! It's babes, brawn and burgers versus fur, fangs and fury in this gory, action-packed monster thriller!

Think of it as a cross between "An American Werewolf in London", "American Graffiti" and possibly....."Hee Haa".

Okay, that last part was a joke.

I don't think that we will have to endure any emo teen crap with this one. I'm willing to bet that Singleton's drooling wolfman won't fall for one of the car hops leading to an uncomfortable love-triangle between the pair and a long-haul trucker.

Maybe they will have to start calling this 'greasy-spoon' a 'bloody-spoon' instead?

Okay that was another joke.

I'll quite while I'm ahead.

Here are a couple of photos from "Werewolf Fever", and of course, the trailer:

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