The Women Who Spend Their Lives Behind The Mask

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Jeff Hughes / Dennis Willman

Just about everyone has a secret fantasy to be a superhero. As children we dream of being Batman or one of the Fantastic Four. For some of us, those dreams never go away.

Now, Jeff Hughes, owner and writer of Comic Book Divas, along with artist Dennis Willman, are making that dream come true for a lucky group of young actresses and models., these two comic book guys aren't turning these ladies into real superheroes, they aren't locking them in a room full of strontium 90 until they turn into mutants or anything like that. What they are doing is using their likenesses to model their characters after.

And I have to say, the results are stunning.

For Hughes and Willman's latest creation, "A Life Behind The Mask", the duo has collected some of the loveliest faces in the modeling industry, plus independent cinema genre, to create an amazing collection of heroes, villains and Anti Heroes.

The idea for using 'real-life' models and actresses came to Hughes and Jason Dube, of Scattered Comics Studios, while they were working on another comic entitled, "Scorpion Warrior". After putting out some feelers to find out if anyone would be interested in having their likeness used for a comic book character, Hughes and Dube were overwhelmed by requests by Models, Actresses, Wrestlers, and even NFL Cheerleaders.

Needless to say, the idea was a hit that lead to the founding of Comic Book Divas and new comic series based on real women.

For their latest project the two comic makers wanted to take a page out of Alan Moore's "Watchmen", and look at the lives these characters live from day to day.

Writer Jeff Hughes explains, "'A Life Behind The Mask' (is) a comedic look at the lives of Super Heroes and Super Villains in everyday life and everyday situations and how they react.

'A Life Behind The Mask' will put an amusing spin o events and situations that we have all been through at one time or another; and we hope to make reader's think 'I have been there' or 'I wish I could do that!'

The idea popped in my head while I was watching a super hero movie and the thought came across 'Who fixes this guys costume' or 'If he went into a convince store would anyone pay attention?'

Joining Hughes on "A Life Behind The Mask" is the 'rookie' comic book artist, Dennis Willman, who, from these images, looks like a seasoned artist that has been doing this for years.

Hughes adds, "Artist Dennis Willman has done the character designs and is now paneling the first page of the series that will feature "Amazonia" portrayed by actress and scream queen Tara Cardinal; this will be Dennis Willman's first full comic book project, but as you can see on FaceBook people are very excited about his art work and ready for the project to begin."

"The women featured in "A Life Behind The Mask" were all very gracious and generous to Dennis and I to feature their likeness as the characters; just about all the women selected their characters they wanted to portray, it was a thrill to see Dennis 's work and the women's selections come to life it was if that their personalities matched up to exactly what Dennis had in mind."

One of the actresses that Willman and Hughes selected for "A Life Behind The Mask" is veteran 'scream queen' Rachel Grubb, who has been a life-long comic book fan.

The stunning actress/model quips, "I grew up as a comic book fan for sure! As a child, I admired Batman and looked up to him as a father figure. I loved to read superhero comics as a kid, but Batman was my favorite. I was interested in just about anything Batman related, no matter how silly."

Luckily for Grubb, her character, Jolly, is kinda like The Joker mixed with Harley Quinn. Two of her all-time favorite comic book characters.

Here are the rest of the ladies that make up the cast of "A Life Behind The Mask":

She-Goblin Portrayed by Claire Fluff Ryan (Villain) – She is a woman with two obsessions Halloween and candy, she will literally still candy from a baby at Halloween.

Blackbird Portrayed by Deneen Melody (Hero) She is dark-winged avenger; she is mysterious, the ultimate crime fighter and VERY intense, it is rumored that she injected her justice on a man that disobeyed the "10 items or less" rule at the market.

Gunslinger Portrayed by Devanny Pinn (Anti Hero) is a woman on a mission of revenge, and that includes that guy that just bought the last box of cupcakes!

Maddylne Scientist Portrayed by Raelynn Blaha (Villain) –All Maddylnn wanted to be was a mad scientist; she enjoyed making things go boom, and turning the family dog into different critters with her formulas. Her favorite movie was Doctor Jeykle and Mr. Hyde.

Lady Weeds Portrayed by Kitsie Duncan (Villain) – Loves gardening but things don't always come up roses for her, she is more successful growing dandy-lions. Her mortal enemy is the gardener and the woman that works at the nursery

Gale Force Portrayed by Kaci Hansen (Hero) is a woman that can control the weather or is it her moods control the weather? In any even if she is having a bad day you may want to stay away from that thunder cloud hovering over her.

Kit-Kat Portrayed by Kaylee Williams - Is a villain turned hero who has a passion for all things "Cats" with a equal obsession with milk, her downfall as a criminal was because she was fascinated by rapidly moving yarn.

Mrs. Marvelous Portrayed by Michelle Shields ( (Hero) Faster than a speeding.... more powerful than a...... you get the idea; she has fame, glory, and some awesome fans, but she is in a need of a break!

Jolly Portrayed by Rachel Grubb (Villain) Is the clown that enjoys the fact that she can scare you and your kids at parties and the circus.

Luna Portrayed by Kara Cagle (Ant-Hero) - A wolf trapped in a woman's body and the inability to keep from changing no matter the time of the day.

PDQ Portrayed by Sara Barrnett - Is the fastest moving woman in the world, but there is one problem she is never on time to meetings or appointments.

Amazonia Portrayed by Tara Cardinal (Hero) - Is a warrior that can not be matched by any man or beast, she can lift a car over her head while kick major bad guy ass.. she is a "Wonder Of A Woman". She must do battle with one of the most formidable villain groups in all the world..her family!

Miss. Greene Portrayed by Victoria Floro (Anti-Hero) She gets envious of anything she sees and can obtain at that moment, the more envious she becomes the bigger and greener she becomes. Watch out when she throws a tantrum!

Miss Attraction Portrayed by Victoria Paege (Villain) She has the power to attract all forms of metal (Paper clips, staples, nails!) so you may want to duck when she is around.

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"A Life Behind The Mask"
Written and Created by Jeff Hughes
Some Stories Also Written by Don Smith
Character Design and Art by Dennis Willman
Comic Book Divas Publisher

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