Star Trek Original Series - Kirk vs. Gorn Figures From Arena

Source: Entertainment Earth

Star Trek Original Series Kirk vs. Gorn Figures:

Recreate the epic battle of Kirk vs. Gorn!
2-pack of action figures from the Star Trek: The Original Series TV show.
Detailed and articulated figures!

Bring home two of the galaxy's most renowned warriors with this Classic Star Trek Kirk vs. Gorn Action Figure 2-Pack! With an alien Gorn and Captain Kirk on board, collectors are finally able to recreate the pair's epic confrontation as featured in the fan-favorite episode "Arena" from the Star Trek: The Original Series TV show. Each 6-inch tall figure features 20 points of articulation and includes accessories from the groundbreaking series! Limited edition of 1,701 pieces.

Order Yours Today For Only $35.99!

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