Star Wars Blu-ray Deleted Scenes Trailer

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Lisa Dullard / Youtube

Many years ago I wrote an article for the original Monster Island News about the infamous deleted scenes from "Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope". At that time the footage that was allocated to the cutting room floor had been seen very rarely and was mysteriously absent from both DVD and VHS releases of the original Star Wars trilogy. Likewise similar content from "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi" had also been left out. These scenes included, but were not limited to, Biggs talking with Luke in Anchorhead, Wampas running amok in the Rebel Base on Hoth, and a Tatooine sandstorm in Jedi.

Now, after so many years, Lucasfilm has changed their mind about keeping these lost treasures ... well, "lost" .... and will include them in the upcoming Blu-ray release of the trilogy.

As a precursor to that Lucasfilm has put together a sweet little teaser with some of the scenes I mentioned to get all of us Star Wars nerds jazzed up and ready to empty our wallets at the local video store.

Here is an excerpt from my original article:

(Luke and Biggs from A New Hope)

The scene starts with a close up of Luke as he jumps from his landspeeder and climbs the stairs to the power station. Once inside we get our first look at Luke's friends. Fixer is seated behind a table with Camie on his lap. They are both asleep. Luke tosses something at them upon entering to wake them. Camie sits up with a attitude at being awoke. Lukes walks past them upon seeing his old friend Biggs has returned . Deek and Windy, two fellow farm boys are playing a type of mechanically-assisted pool with Biggs. Luke then remembers the battle he had just seen and urges them all outside. Deek and Windy don't want to leave their game.

Deek: Not again, forget it!
Windy: (angry at Biggs) Will you come back here and play the game?
Fixer: (Still waking up) What's all the noise about?
Camie: Looks like Wormie's caught too much sun.

They all exit the station and climb to the platform that surrounds the generator room. They all begin to survey the sky. Biggs soon decides that there is nothing really to see. Camie grabs the binoculars from Luke to see for herself. Luke protests and Fixer attempts to start to protect her. While Camie scans the sky Biggs gives Luke some advice.

Biggs: I tell you Luke, the Rebellion's a long way away from here. This planet? A big hunk of nothing.
Fixer: (not really caring about the space battle and not being able to take his eyes off Camie) I doubt the Empire would Evan fight to save the system.
They all head back into the station and Camie carelessly tosses Luke back his binoculars causing him to almost drop them.
Luke: Hey! Will you watch it?"
The scene ends with Luke alone outside looking at the sky as if he really saw anything.

The final sequence of the lost footage is a conversation between Biggs and Luke as they exit the power station. The two are holding cups of what is refereed to as "Malt Brew." It is at this point Biggs tells Luke of his secret plan to leave the Academy and join the Rebellion. Luke is over-whelmed by the news and left almost speechless. Luke admits that he has canceled his application to the Academy to help Uncle Owen with his farm. It is easy to see why Luke looks up to Biggs because he is living the life that he can only dream of. The two part with a handshake and Biggs leaves to find his destiny while Luke can only watch and yearn for a life of adventure.

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