New Ultraman Ginga series to start in July

From The Asahi Shimbun

The latest Ultraman character better get his uniform ready for action, or rather his school uniform. Tsuburaya Productions Co. unveiled a new Ultra Series superhero Ultraman Ginga (galaxy) in April to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

An 11-episode, 30-minute live-action show will be broadcast as part of the "Shin Ultraman Retsuden" (new Ultraman chronicles) TV series set to start in July, followed by two special episodes, according to the production company.

In a major departure from the previous Ultra warriors, the main character is a high school boy named Hikaru Raido. Other main characters are also high school students.

The story begins when Hikaru gets the Ginga Spark, a mysterious item that transforms its holder into Ultraman Ginga, a gigantic warrior from space. The gadget can also bring other Ultra warriors and "kaiju" monsters--that were turned into small dolls by a powerful dark force in deep space--back to their original forms.


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