Superboy #131 - July 1966 Issue - DC Comics

Superboy #131 - July 1966 Issue - DC Comics

From View Obscura Comics

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Script by E. Nelson Bridwell, art by George Papp.

While handling an emergency, Superboy is suddenly attacked by three disembodied fists. Since the fists are not attached to bodies, the Boy of Steel is unable to fight back. Oddly, the fists break off their attack as suddenly as it began. After one more strange encounter with the flying fists, Superboy changes into his Clark Kent identity. The fists come after him again, but before they can strike and expose his secret, they fly off in another direction.

Superboy deduces that the fists were created when he was accidentally exposed to Red Kryptonite. The fists were then drawn to him by a magnet, he had kept in the pocket of his cape. Each time the fists broke off the attack when Superboy neared a heat source which interrupted the magnet's pull. When the Red K wears off, the threat of the fists ends.

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