Tales to Astonish #83, September 1966 Issue - Marvel Comics

From View Obscura Comics

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Following his battle with Iron Man, the Sub-Mariner rushes toward the submarine piloted by Warlord Krang with Lady Dorma aboard. Namor is still furious at the supposed betrayal of Lady Dorma who, unknown to Namor, has been blackmailed into marrying Warlord Krang.

As the prince of Atlantis approaching Krang's craft he is attacked by the ships hydro-blaster, prompting the Sub-Mariner to strike the hull of the ship with it's own body. With the ship attempting to land on nearby building, Namor attempts to stop it from landing and is struck by the ships sonic vortex weapon. Krang is attempting to strike a weak spot on the Sub-Mariner's skull in the hopes of causing him amnesia like the type that plagued him for years until his memory was returned by the Fantastic Four.

Namor survives the blast unharmed and with his facilities still together and resumes his attack. The battle is being watched by Number 1 of the Secret Empire who hopes to enslave Namor to serve the Empire and help it raise to prominence once more. With Krang's ship hovering over the sea once more, Namor gets to a window where he sees Lady Dorma who tries to explain her situation to the Sub-Mariner. Namor smashes through the glass only to be blasted by Warlord Krang, and getting knocked back into the ocean.

Coming back up from the water, Namor neglects to notice Number One arriving on the scene with a labotomizer weapon that he hopes to use against the Sub-Mariner to erase his memory. The work is done for him by Warlord Krang however, who fires a powerful fleet destroyer missile that explodes on impact with Namor. Although the explosion is massive, Namor is seemingly unharmed and hurled into the ocean once more while Krang flees the scene with Dorma.

When Number One pulls Namor out of the water, he is surprised to find that the Prince of Atlantis has once more been struck with amnesia. Taking advantage of this Number One tells the Sub-Mariner that he is the enemy of humanity.

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